In order to be able to follow this tutorial, you have to have the following steps already been completed.

With the Java generator alone you cannot generate complex things. In this tutorial we generate two Java classes and one Java enumeration.

Eclipse Workspace

As a preparation for the modeling and generation you need an Eclipse workspace with two projects. One project for the model and one project for the files that are going to be generated. A pre-assembled workspace can be downloaded here. That workspace includes the two projects, the model files, a few manually developed classes, a maven pom.xml file and an Eclipse launch-configuration, but not yet any generated files.

The following picture shows the two Eclipse projects in the package explorer.

<TODO Screenshot>


Two types are getting modeled: Product and Item. Additionally, one enumeration is getting modeled: Status. The model in Types.gapp looks like this.

For the sake of simplicity, no type-aliases are being used in this tutorial. You can find more information on type-aliases in the documentation of the DSL „Basic“.


The generation is done with the Cloud-Connector for Eclipse. The steps are described here <TODO add link>.