The JPA generator simplifies the development of the persistency layer for Java applications. It applies the top-down principle. This means, the generator presumes that there is not yet an existing database schema. In addition to the obligatory entity classes and the persistence.xml, further classes are getting generated that are often developed when you work with JPA: data access objects, entity lifecycle listeners and unit-test classes.


The generator reads models that get created with the DSL „Persistence“, the DSL „Basic“ and the Virtual Developer Modeler. Alternatively, a model can also be created by means of a simple text editor. However, the Virtual Developer Modeler comes with additional functionality like for instance syntax-highlighting, code-completion and the display of syntax errors.


Code generation is done by means of the „Virtual Developer Cloud-Connector“. The actual generation is conducted remotely, on the Virtual Developer Plattform. The cloud-connector only sends the model to the platform and gets the created files in return. Selection and configuration of the generators is done on the web-portal of the Virtual Developer Platform.