The Java generator does not have a high level of abstraction. Instead, it serves as the foundation for many other generators that generate Java code like class, enum, annotation and interface. By re-using this generator, you do not have to re-invent the rules for Java code generation.


The generator for Java reads models that have been created by means of the DSL „Basic“ and the modeling tool Virtual Developer Modeler. Modeling files also can be created with any text editor. The Virtual Developer Modeler provides additional help, though: syntax-highlighting, code-completion and error reporting.

The DSL „Basic“ only allows for the modeling of a subset of what the Java generator can generate. With the DSL „Basic“ you for instance cannot explicitely model Java annotations, Java interfaces or Java methods.Typically, generators that re-use the Java generator make use of the Java generator’s capabilities to generate any Java language construct.


Generation is executed by means of a „Virtual Developer Cloud-Connector“ (e.g. for Eclipse). The real generation is done remotely on the Virtual Developer Plattform. The Cloud-Connector only sends model files to the server/cloud and receives generated files in return. Selection and configuration of generators is done through the Web-Portal of the Virtual Developer Plattform.